Suzuki Testimonials

Brandon Oneal Bailey Brandon Oneal Bailey 

"The Suzuki M-20 Manji is an exceptional example of intelligent design and specific attention to detail in a diatonic harmonica. The manufacturing quality and nuanced parameters are what make Suzuki a leading force in modern instrumental manufacturing. The rich tonal qualities and design implementations make the M-20 an instrument that I am proud to play."

Brendan Power Brendan Power

"Aside from their sweet tone and quality construction, one of the main reasons I play Suzuki Harmonicas is because their reeds are the most durable of any brand I've tried. I use bends a lot on both chromatics and diatonics, but they last forever!" - Brendan Power

Gregoire Maret Gregoire Maret

"During live concert performances and in recording sessions I'm very demanding of the harmonicas I play. In my opinion Suzuki harmonicas are by far the best instruments available. They have everything needed in terms of durability, response and overall comfort. Suzuki is also the only company totally committed to improving the quality of their products year after year. I hope you'll enjoy playing these instruments as much as I do."  - Gregoire Maret